Greens = Anti-american?

I guess if you are not a part of the “establishment”, you are a traitor to your country. If that is not true then why did I learn that tonight? I would like to advise people to wake the fuck up. The republican party or the democratic party are both full of shit. Neither party looks out for the interest of the American people. It’s always gonna be about money and power and bullshit. I’m sick and tired of these bullshit “leaders” who feel like they have my best interests on their agenda. Well they don’t. My best interest is peace. My best interest is letting people decide what is best for the country. My best interest is allowing people to make the decisions based on how they feel.

Fuck you in Washington. You are misguided hacks who prey on other misguided hacks. You suck up the passion of the people and use it for you’re own agenda.

You do not respresent the American public. You represent what can benefit you. You are a bunch of liars. You care nothing about America, you care about yourselves. You are ruthless bastards who will only care about 10% of the American population. However, you will invoke the name of Christ to benefit your bullshit cause. You are as much Christlike as Hitler. Incase you have not noticed there are people who are in the streets and starving in America. People who are dying because the rich mother fuckers will not give them half of their Big Macs. Fuck you for not making that a priority. Fuck you for not caring about the children who have nothing to eat. Fuck you for going about your business and ignoring the poor. Fuck you for lying about a war that was crap.

You are people who were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and can’t see the other side. The climax of it is that you invoke the name of Jesus into your political bullshit. As a great poet once said, “Even Jesus himself would not forgive what you do.”

I don’t care which political party you claim to be a part of. You are both guilty. You both don’t care about the children dying in the streets. You both care about your fucking agenda. “Fuck the poor, lets just get elected.” Go ahead and try to stifle my message. Take my ass to jail and finger print me. Sleep well tonight you bastards. Revolution is on it’s way. A government by the people for the people and of the people. Sound familiar?


2 Responses to “Greens = Anti-american?”

  1. jerry rivas ordillas Says:

    my friend…i am with you. the revolution goes slow. shall you save me a spot in the prison yard?

  2. I never saw myself as paranoid before. However, I can absolutely see things coming to that. Are you good a making license plates? It will be a helpful skill.

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