Breathe in Breathe out

I’m a lot less angry than in my previous blog. Sometimes I tend to think too much about shit and blow up.  However, just because my anger isn’t at the surface at the moment it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still exist inside.

I think anger isn’t always a bad thing. It’s beneficial and can do a lot to help. Even though it can also do a lot to hurt and controlling anger is the challenge.

Tomorrow is the funeral for two of the Amish girls that were killed in their school, execution style by a nutcase. What’s even sadder is that the Fred Phelps nutcases are going to be there to protest (or whatever they do) the funeral. Normally I don’t take the Phelps people even remotely serious. They are a bunch of angry morons who don’t have anything better to do. One thing though is they have passion. It’s not a passion I agree with it all. But, it makes me think about where my passions are.  I would like to have a type of passion where I speak out all the time on what I believe.

I guess this is going to be a point of this blog writing for me. Many times on other sites when I would write blogs I would read them at another time and delete it. I’m not going to do that with this blog. Anything that I write will stay. Even if I regret it later.

Regret is also something that I need to not always see as a bad thing.


One Response to “Breathe in Breathe out”

  1. Genieveve Says:

    We are so alike inside our brains. It’s so weird. Send me over an email when you have free moment. I am simply just curious how you are doing…. and what you’ve been up to….
    I lived through a hail storm last night with hail the size of baseballs. It looked like Christmas in October…Ice everywhere! Weird. I was in the middle of it in my car with Fiona in the back seat and little did I know there was supposedly a tornado just a few short miles a way…. VERY scary. My car didn’t do so well and neither did my house, BUT at least both of us are just A-okay.
    Well… be in touch soon, baby.

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