Breathe in Breathe out part II

So I understand the Fred Phelps people decided to cancel their picket of the Amish girls’ funeral. They did that in exchange for having air time on Michael Gallaghers radio show for an hour. That’s good. Maybe, even they have some sort of human existence where they understand what “going to far” is. Probably not, but I’d like to think so anyway. I would also like to say thank you to Michael Gallagher for doing what he did.

Basically, I do try and give most people the benefit of the doubt. I’m a believer in letting people experience what they need to experience. How can anyone grow if they don’t have their own experiences? I’m thankful that most people allow me to experience all that I need to.

Anyway, I’m in a rambling sort of mood and will not bore you with anything I have to say right now. I’ll save the rambling until a later time. I’m just very happy that the five girls ( I said in my last blog it was two being buried today) have been able to be laid to rest in the ground. In peace, with their families and community mourning them and no outside interference.

I wish it did not take a tragedy for people to rally around and support each other. I wish we would wake up in the morning with respect and love for other individuals and that, being the first thing on our mind. My promise to myself is to give a smile and acknowledgment to every single person I see tomorrow. If I could work up the courage to give them a hug that would be even better. I’m pretty sure I will make that a priority. I’m not invading your space. I just want to give you a hug, or a smile and let you know that you are loved just for being alive. It sounds out of the norm, but I don’t really fucking care.


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