It’s raining it’s pouring…..

The Mid-Atlantic has been getting nailed hard with rain today. Rain, wind and more rain and wind. I don’t mind it. It’s been nice to relax in bed, watch TV and do some work. According to the weather this shall continue through out the night and into tomorrow. It’s cool. Even though I don’t always dig the coastal flood warnings.

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow. They are bringing my niece Samantha. I feel bad they are gonna be traveling in the rain. But, I’m excited for them to visit. I always have fun when Samantha is around. She is bringing me a pumpkin so we can carve it and turn it into a jack-o-lantern. I may be getting way mellow in my older age, but I still love carving pumpkins, drying out the seeds and cooking them up. I can’t wait.

The world hasn’t changed much overnight. At least according to our wonderful, inspirational and don’t forget informative news stations. Foley is still a pervert. Bad pollution from the chemical plant in North Carolina. A church in Tennessee burned down.

All in all a relaxing Friday evening. I’ve got my Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA. Smackdown is on. (please don’t ask me why I watch that I just do) I have one of those nice smelling candles burning. It’s supposed be a cucumber/melon fragrance. It sort of smells like that, but not really. The cats are chillin’ on my bed and relaxing as well.

The only bummer thing about the rain is I cannot see the Harvest Moon. I love the Harvest Moon each year.  October is quite the cool month.

Keep loving!


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