The Sky is Falling

No not really. It’s just the Orionids Meteor Shower. I’m spending the night at parents tonight in Amishville USA and have been spending time hanging out back in the pitch dark looking up at the stars. There is nothing like being in a peaceful place looking up and trying to fathom even a little bit of how truly insignificant I am when it comes to the Universe. How insignifigant the whole planet is. The stars can just so humble you into a ball of humbleness which if you play it right is such a great feeling.

I had forgotten about the Meteor shower when I initally went outside to have a smoke and just look up. But, then I started seeing them flash across the sky and was reminded that tonight is the peak night. Of course one cigarette turned to about 4 before the chill air got to me. What a site it was. It came at a good time as well. We had a celebration for my niece Samantha today for her birthday (the reason i’m visiting) and then after that I decided to take a drive. My folks house and where I grew up is a little less than 5 miles from the Amish School house in which the tragic shooting occured. That school house was there my entire life. I passed it all the time. In fact there is a community pool across the street where I swam every summer for years.

The school house isn’t there anymore. Bulldozed down and the pieces taken to parts unknown. It’s just a field with flowers all over the fence and no parking or standing signs on either side of the street. Seeing the empty space brought the reality of it all knocking me upside the head and coming back with a left hook, putting me on the ground.  I watched the news when it happened. I blogged about it in earlier posts. But, seeing the spot where the school used to be brought it home. My niece who turned 3 will have no idea that a one room Amish school house even was built there. When she drives by after getting her license in 13 years, she will see a field. Just like so many of the other beautiful fields that stretch out across Lancaster County. However, this field will be the most beautiful of all of them.


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