So Here’s the News

I’m so fucking tired of the news channels trying to be E entertainment or Comedy Central or any other type of bullshit. We live in an age where we have a choice to watch whatever the fuck we would like to watch. For instance, there is E. I can get the scoop on the bullshit celebrities who actually mean nothing. But, for some reason (or for the most part) these jackasses actually do mean something. I can watch MTV who, do not play videos anymore but play crap like Parental Control and Next and I’m gonna make a car look good, and my mom wants to fuck you so now you date my daughter. Then we have the Food Network, who’s stars make some good food. With, the exception of that fat bitch who likes to fry everything. We have ESPN and the sports networks who cater to the sports fans. Very cool. I check that out many times. Don’t forget PBS. How can you not like Big Bird and Elmo? TBN is always there. Whenever we are feeling guilty about not serving the Lord we can call their number and donate some money and we will feel better. OR we can get healed of cancer just by watching the right program. Then, of course we have our news channels. Jesus Christ, how far have we taken freedom of the press? When I watch CNN, Fox News or MSNBC, I don’t want to see a goddamn celebrity selling a book. I want the news. Am I crazy for that? I want you to tell me the fucking NEWS. I love Bill Maher and Jon Stewart. However, Bill and Jon stop going on CNN to sell your fucking books. This is the news. You mean nothing to the news. Go on E or MTV or Comedy Central.

Every fucking channel that I am paying 54 dollars for (and I don’t even have digital) are all the same. I’m begging CNN, Fox and MSNBC to tell me the real goddamn news that is going on the world. Tell me about the kids in Africa who are starving. Tell me about how our country is dying and how we don’t eat enough organic food. Shit, you are so fucking Hollywood you actually make Paris Hilton look like she has talent. STOP. This isn’t what our fore fathers meant when they said, “Freedom of the Press.”

We are continually blasted with the drama and the hollywood that the news provides. Each of the major news stations reports the same goddamn shit over and over again. Luckily I have a remote control so I can flip back and forth. It’s the SAME FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE the next time you watch one of these bullshit news shows like “The Situation Room, Hardball, Scarborough Country.” etc…..Please consider contacting them and saying, “enough.” Enough of playing Hollywood. You are a NEWS organization.

Let’s get back to the news telling us the true news. Because, I don’t really give a fuck about Paris Hilton crashing a car. I don’t give a fuck about Brad Pitt not marrying his girlfriend. I don’t give a fuck about Tobey McGuire playing Spiderman. If I want to know about that shit, I will watch E. I will watch MTV. I will watch VH1. I certainly don’t need CNN telling me about it.


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