I’m getting sick and only getting sicker

I sometimes find myself harping on shit too much. I get bored of hearing myself talk about shit that I don’t like. However, I’m at a point where even if I get bored of hearing myself I’m gonna repeat shit until something gets done. To my friends, I have never made it a secret that I’m tired of the fucking news channels. I’ve also never made it a secret that I’m sick and tired with the bullshit Hollywood throws in my face. I was having a very good conversation with some good friends this evening. One of my friends John, who I continually have great talks with, had me laughing my ass off as well as making me cry about the goddamn hypocrisy of the bullshit news and hollywood crew. Before I go on about that, please check out John’s blog about “stopping the war for three days”.

My President’s priority and mine are very different. I’m glad I voted this past election. I’m glad congress has now switched it’s majority.

The republican congress has not renewed the RyanWhite Act which funds the programs that help those living with HIV – especially those who are disabled.. It helps to fund education to stop the spread of this disease. My president and his congress have cut funding to AIDS and HIV programs over the past few years. The money (they feel) is needed to fund other things.

The money that goes into funding the war in the middle east for just 3 days – would fund EVERY progam in the United States that fights another war. The war on AIDS. I know it sounds corny. But the fightinging in Iraq and the deaths, struggles, emotional and physical woundings which have have gone on too long – people are calling another Vietnam. I can’t help but to feel we’ve forgotten the soldiers of the past 25 years (now that, to me, is a long war) who have fought the good fight against this virus.

Cutting funding and not renewing the Ryan White Act is truly Unpatriotic. And educating people about a simple piece of latex can change lives. We have moved from Orange to Red – People need to be on the alert. Teens are becoming infected again at a higher rate. 1 in every 3 people who are infected with HIV don’t know it. And ignoring the fact that a simple piece of latex can save lives and promoting an “Abstinence Only” policy in this war – is as effective as duct tape and plastic on your window in the fight against chemical warfare.

The president is changing his words regarding the Iraq war. We got off our asses and voted this past November – he’s having to listen. I urge you to make some noise regarding the War on AIDS. There are people counting on your voice. Tell congress the troops need more money to continue the fight. Because they are still struggling and still dying. And hell, we’ve won so many battles and come so far in 25 years – it would be stupid to pull out now.

Please do one thing before the end of this year. Email your congressman. Volunteer. Donate money (which all the programs are hurting for right now). Anything is better than cursing the darkness – or just cussing out the dumb-ass.

All the information you need to know about HIV/AIDS can be found here:


Are we really in a place where VH1 shows stupid ass television shows about who was popular in 2006? I at one time was sort of proud that I was part of a generation that referred to themselves as “X.” I’m not so proud of that anymore.

Nobody really reads this blog. But that’s cool, they will at some point. I’m asking people to stop. Stop bending over backwards for the “establishment.” We all have a voice. Every single person that walks the Earth has a voice in some way. I’m not going to be a person that judges what your voice is. But, I am going to be a person who says at least don’t make your voice a silent one. SCREAM!!!!! It’s ok to scream. It’s ok to make your voice heard. But for the love of fucking god just stand up for something. Stop for a second shopping for xmas presents and say something. Stop being a robot. Stop buying into whatever stupid religion that you buy into and start thinking for yourself. No matter how much you want to ignore things, people are dying in a way that they should not die. This is our responsibility. If you don’t feel like it’s your responsibility I respect that as well. Just scream out for something real. By the way, Paris Hilton or Britney Spears’ cooch all over the internet is not real news.

December 1st was World’s AIDS day. I watched the news for a good part of the day. I saw about 10 minutes the ENTIRE DAY dedicated to AIDS day. I saw over 50 minutes dedicated to Britney’s cooch. I saw over 3 hours dedicated to the shopping season. I saw over 8 hours dedicated to the Iraq war. I saw countless hours dedicated to the presidential nominies in 2008. Not to mention the amount of hours I saw Michael “Kramer” Richards apologizing to Jesse Jackson. I don’t give two fucks about Michael Richards. He was funny playing Kramer. I don’t like his explosion at the comedy club and I think it was over the top. He owes people an apology and needs to get his shit straight. But, I don’t think I need to see it on the news every single day for hours at a time. I’ve been called a fag many many times and had my ass kicked by 3 dudes who felt it was a priority to humiliate me and beat the shit out me just because I was leaving a gay club in Norfolk, Virginia. By the way, they were three black guys. Matthew Shepard was beaten and left to die by white guys. Bigotry doesn’t have a color. It’s time we realized that.

I have a belief that change is something that everyone can believe in. Because I think it’s safe to say that things can change. The main problem is that people are dying. People who don’t need to die are dying and we can help them. We have the passion the love the ability the money and strength to stop this crazy bullshit. I’m begging. Every single day put one phone call into your states elected officials and tell them that you want it to change. These fuckers work for us for christ’s sake. Be the boss. Tell them what you want.


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