The Fool On The Hill

About 2 months before I left San Francisco I started to withdraw into myself. I slowly over a process of months started shutting out outside influences. I shared some things with people. But, they were a very small group of people that I trusted. When I moved to the beach about 7 months ago I continued the trend of being a hermit. So to speak. I continued to be a withdrawn person from society. I mix with people only when I have to. I actually would prefer to be alone rather than in a larger group of people. Over the last few weeks though I’ve seen that start to change a bit in my life. I’ve felt a bit of loneliness for the first time in a very long time. I’m not completely alone. I have some great friends that I communicate on the phone with many times a week. I have a family that I am in contact with daily. But, from where I was around two years ago I’m in a very different place.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to go through a hibernation period. I do think it’s bad if that hibernation goes way past the period it is supposed to. I guess I’m making this my written/public announcement that It’s time for my hibernation period to be over. It’s time for me to “wake up” and see things with fresh, new, innocent eyes. I appreciate the time that I had to sit back and watch the world spin. Not actually dealing with it, just being a part of it. I think the down time has allowed me to balance the sit back and watch with being a constant motion and being a part of movement.
Sometimes after a long sleep you wake up, scratch your eyes, see the daylight and just want to go back to bed.

Wish me luck.


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