Mmmmmm, Gorilla!

It keeps getting better doesn’t it? The rebels in the Congo are eating the Gorillas. How tasty. I hear they taste like chicken. I’m not gonna post the whole fucking article because I’m too lazy and not really in the mood. I watched reality televison tonight and am feeling kind of numb. I would have much preferred reading that “Congo rebels said to kill, eat, american idol contestants.” If you wanna read it click here:

I will post some highlights though. According to this news article there are about 700 mountain gorillas left on the entire fucking planet. That is less than the amount of people that would crowd into Chinatown in San Francisco on any day of the week. Our ancestors have been reduced to around 700. I guess they don’t have chicken or pig in the Congo. “Big Gorilla, much meat.”

Not only are the hungry Congans killing in the wild, they are going into National Parks to get their fill. (One dismembered gorilla corpse was found Tuesday in a pit latrine in Congo’s Virunga National Park) Brave hunters ya know? What I have been told lately by the “chosen people” is that I should be more concerned with the soul of the man and making sure they are brainwashed into going to their magical world. But, I’m not. I’m actually quite tired of reading the news and seeing Gorillas being food. I’m tired of seeing more and more people die every single day in a war that was started by the United States and based on a bunch of lies by a college frat boy who failed at everything he has ever done. I’m tired of “the people of god” putting bumper stickers on their cars that say I (heart) Jesus. I’m tired of anti war protesters holding signs that say “free Mumia.” I’m tired of people in America not appreciating what they have and expecting more. Entitled mother fuckers. I’m tired of road rage. I’m especially tired of people who constantly bitch about the way things are and do absolutely nothing to change it and then post blogs about it (yes, i am referring to myself on this one.)

So, what to do? I have some gorilla meat in the fridge. Time to heat up the skillet.


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