Pointless rambling and promotion

Almost two months down in the year of 07 already. Time does move quickly. As the song lyric goes “it’s been a long cold lonely winter.” It hasn’t been that lonely. But, it has been cold on the East Coast the past couple months. I’m looking forward to Spring. This is my first winter back living on the East Coast after over 10 years. So, even 40 degrees is a bit cold to me.

Some cool things are going on. I’m having fun writing this blog. I’d like to write more. But, I don’t always get to it. However, a couple new projects are in works. In the very near future I will start doing some video blogs on youtube. The URL for that is http://www.youtube.com/heyfrizz. I haven’t decided what these videos will consist of as of yet. I’m not sure when I will post the first one. The idea of being on camera and posting videos doesn’t make me that comfortable at the moment. But, I have been watching other people’s videos on youtube and having a great time doing so. So I figure, what the heck. If you want to have an entertaining evening sometime check out my friend Mercy Fuque’s videos from Trannyshack in SF. They are worth the watch. http://www.youtube.com/MercyF

The other project in the works is an online radio show that will broadcast on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/. This will hopefully be up and running in the next couple weeks. It will be an hour long once a week radio show hosted by myself and my friend Buddy from San Francisco. The full format as well as the day and hour is still being worked out. I will post that information here once more of the details are solid.

The last thing I want to put out, and this is if you are interested in Astrology at all is to check http://www.theastrologer.com. The site is run by KT, The Astrologer (http://theastrologer.com/blog/about-kt/). It’s a great site and provides very decent information.

Oh yeah and for all the latest news on Anna Nicole and Britney check CNN, FOX NEWS, and MSNBC. All Britney, all Anna ALL the time. Because, ya know? Nothing else important is going on in the world.

Hope all are doing well.



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