I have been reborn

I haven’t been reborn in the spiritual place. However, I’ve been reborn within the internet computer world place. I bought my computer at Circuit City in San Francisco about a year and a half ago. Since then I’ve been using Comcast “High Speed” internet connection. Well, I really never thought it was high speed at all. Of course it was faster than dial-up but I always had problems with it. Nevertheless I continued to use it. Here’s my point…when i bought the computer I had them install Norton Anti-virus. I have been using this fucking Norton crap for over a year. I recently bought a webcam. A really expensive one. I was talking with my friend Buddy tonight on the webcam and he told me when I talked, it looked like an old time Karate movie. I was pissed. But, then he said it’s probably not the webcam, but your computer. I let him know that my computer is not that old and told him that I had Norton installed and maybe that could be the problem? SOOOOO after a year and a half Norton is the shit that is slowing me down. I mean really…the computer is not that old. Virus protection is very important. So, I called Comcast and asked them about it. I talked to Brad (no this isn’t going to turn into a porn story. His name really was Brad) and he informed me that Comcast Internet already comes with Internet virus protection. I said, “Would you recommend that I remove Norton from my computer.” He said, “Yeah I would recommend that.” I did. I removed it. I was a little afraid because change is hard for me.

Guess what????? My computer is now running like Superman after taking a few hits from the Meth pipe. When I watch my egotistcal self on webcam the words now actually meet up with what I’m saying.

There is no point to this blog other than the fact that I’m happier than a puppy with two peters. (yep, cheap City Slickers line) But, none the less very cool. There are no boundries that I now cannot reach.



One Response to “I have been reborn”

  1. Hi.

    I am happy for you and your computer. It’s good to know that it’s running fast again, and that you got rid of the Norton virus protection. You see, this actual program is so advanced and heavy that it could actually make your computer slow. And in your case it seemed best to remove it from your computer for good. Good. But, I really hope that you have somekind of protection installed. Well, you got your Comcast network set up with an antivirus delivered by them. Ok, that’s great. But you should definately run a protection on your own system as well. And preferably different types of protection software. Such as a spyware killer, a firewall and an additional virus protection program, that runs light. This will contribute to protecting your computer system, but not completely shield you from everything. You see, there are so many bad guys out there, making so much things, all in order to rob you your credit card info, your banking details, your personal ID, and so forth and so on. The numbers speak for themselves. Without protection you are totally naked, so to go shopping for some quality software would be a good idea. Did you know that the average amount of time before a “naked” computer gets overrun by online threats is 15 minutes? That is telling us that there are insainly much of pests and plagues online, so protection is essential. Personally I run different tools. Some are free tools, and some are paid. I test a lot of tools, and many of the free ones turns out to be great. You should definately stop by our website to grab some real quality tools and check out for yourself. They are totally free, and you might need them.
    Here is the link, Free Virus Protection

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