The Speakeasy

June 13 is quickly approaching and the new project Frizz’s Speakeasy will be going live on blogtalk radio. The show will be live at 9 p.m. Wednesday evenings Pacific Time and Midnight East Coast Time. This show will be a bit different than the Give’em HOPE show. However, it will be in the same type of format.

Speakeasy is going to be more of a free form type of discussion rather than focusing on any one type of issue. The hope is some weeks will be on more serious topics and other weeks will be complete nonsense. It’s also a show where the listener is highly encouraged to participate in the discussion. Preferably with a drink of choice hence the name, Speakeasy.

Please continue to check out Give’em HOPE as we move into our third month and will be celebrating Pride throughout June. With more things to come as summer 2007 progresses.


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