Fresh Squeezed Juice

It’s 12:26 in the AM, which would make it July 14. I made it through another Friday the 13th. Whew, I was worried.

I’m having a nice cold glass of cantaloupe juice thanks to my handy Jack LaLanne juicer and feel like I’m breathing rather normally. I’ve worked the past 3 days at my newest job, Good For You Natural Market and it’s been busy. I’m so far happy working there even though what I thought I would be doing is a bit different than what I am actually doing. I’m trying to get their website started and the past few days have been focused on that. I like it. I had assumed I would be working at a cash register, stocking shelves.

The problem is insomnia like I have never experienced before. Throughout life I’ve had struggles with sleeping patterns. But, shit, this has been insane. Last night I didn’t sleep save an hour. The night before that 3 hours. The night before I started the new job I didn’t sleep at all. I got home this evening around 5:30 and did fall asleep until about 9:30 which makes me pleased. I work tomorrow and as far as I know, off on Sunday.

I’m wide awake at the moment. In front of a computer, writing a blog after a really encouraging conversation with a best friend. Finishing my freshly juiced organic cantaloupe. A very peaceful night.






3 Responses to “Fresh Squeezed Juice”

  1. Sam's friend Says:

    Great blog….. you are an encouragement to others.

  2. Spencer Says:

    First, congrats on the new job. Sounds good for you, even if they are a little flaky. it’s good to know that up front, so you know it’s not a problem to keep on them about important things if they come up.

    also, my last roommate had insomnia, so we did a lot of research on it. Check out Andrew Weil for very helpful tips, which you may have already done. Here are some guidelines:

    Rule #1: no crystal meth. that stuff will keep you awake like nobody’s business. Just kidding!!!

    Seriously though.

    Don’t do anything in bed besides sleep (and sex, of course). Keep it sacred for that space.

    Meditiate and/or stretch before bed.

    Also go to bed at a consistent time each night. Don’t nap, if you can help it. That throws things out of whack.

    If you are open to supplements, Extra vitamin B in the mornings helps. Potassium helps. Chamomile or valerian or melatonin 30 minutes before bed helps.

    lastly, don’t stress about how much you aren’t sleeping. The more you think about it, the more difficult it becomes. In fact don’t talk about it too much either. In FACT, don’t even read this message I’m writing. For your own good, it will self destruct in 3 seconds.


  3. jerry rivas ordillas Says:

    hey babylicious…wow. how ’bout that? i just got hired to work at a new wholefoods thats gonna be opening in the portrero area. the new store opens september 12th. and i don’t get to start training until august 20th or so. so i’m lookin forward to it. and we can talk about market shop talk. omg! i love you, my friend. get some sleep. or you’l be in a fight club. ouch……:)

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