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Our Fearless Leader

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Seven Numbers That Sum Up George Bush’s Failure in Iraq

Over 1,500 day’s we’ve been in Iraq-longer than our involvement in World War II.

$12 billion. The amount we’re spending on the war in Iraq every month.

$1 trillion. The estimated final cost of George Bush’s war in Iraq, with over $450 billion spent to date. More than the Vietnam War cost.

$1.4 billion. The amount of Halliburton overcharges the Pentagon deemed “unreasonable and unsupported.”

15 months. How long the average U.S. Army solider will spend in Iraq at a time. With only a few months at home before heading back.

Zero. The number of benchmarks the Iraqi parliament has achieved. Despite their September deadline, they’ll be at work 0 days in August.


The Indigo Girls

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The Ocean

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I’ve received several emails from people asking me why I just keep posting videos and haven’t been writing much. I don’t really have a good reason for this other than the fact that I don’t really and haven’t had much to say the past month. I haven’t done the radio show either for the same reason. I’m in listening mode and taking things in. The stuff that I post from Youtube and the other stuff is me observing and really diggin’ what I’m seeing.

So, for the people that have emailed saying, “thanks for the videos.” You are welcome. For the ones who would like to know more about what is going on in my life, I will be writing again soon.

For now- Enjoy John Butler

Like Sorry, Like Sorry

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Day off tomorrow, thankfully!

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What a racist, bigoted cock-head. I will never get enough of this douche.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A Christian televangelist who harshly criticizes Islam and other religions said Friday that his late-night program is being pulled off the air because of pressure from a Muslim group.

Earlier this month, officials from the Council on American Islamic Relations wrote a letter to the TV station’s owners asking for an investigation of the show it broadcasts, “Live Prayer with Bill Keller.”

In a May 2 broadcast, the televangelist said Islam was a “1,400-year-old lie from the pits of hell” and called the Prophet Mohammed a “murdering pedophile.” He also called the Koran a “book of fables and a book of lies.” Council officials asked for equal air time for Florida Muslims to counter Keller’s comments, but never got the chance.

The hour long show, which airs nightly at 1 a.m., is broadcast on WTOG-TV, a CBS-owned station that airs the CW network locally. WTOG station manager Laura Caruso said the decision to end Keller’s contract was a programming one, made by station executives and the televangelist.

But after speaking with CBS executives, the Islamic group claimed credit for Keller’s demise. His last broadcast will be Aug. 31.

“They really based their decision upon our letter,” said Ramzy Kilic, the group’s civil rights coordinator. “They really did not know that Bill Keller was involved with this kind of anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

Keller said his “Bible-based” message hasn’t changed in the five years the program has aired. “(CAIR) intimidated the folks in New York, and the folks in New York caved in,” Keller said.

Keller said he is starting a new morning TV show on another Tampa Bay area station that will debut Sept. 3.

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Amazing Tribute

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