Some updates

As many of you know I am anxiously and hopefully looking forward to moving from Rehoboth Beach. I’ve pretty much decided that West Chester, PA. will be my next destination. Now, the countdown starts. Unfortunately this may turn into a long countdown. I have to sell my current residence (in the most shitty sellers market in 15 years) and then look for a new place to cradle into. I’m hoping this process will go smoothly and I can settle in West Chester and begin a new adventure.

I’ve been asked, Why West Chester? Several reasons:

-Closer to my family and especially my niece. Last time I visited the family for Samantha’s birthday as I was driving through the Lancaster County countryside I took time to realize how much I took the beauty of the area for granted 14 years ago when I lived there. Being in West Chester allows me a 40 minute drive back to that area without actually having to live there.
-I have many friends there who I care about deeply and am looking forward to spending more time with them.
-Each time I have visited, I loved the feel of the town. A place that felt right and I was continually comfortable.
-It’s a Philadelphia suburb and I miss living in or at the very least close to a city.
-Condo’s or Apartments turn me on more than trailers.

At the very least I hope to be there within the next 6 months. Keep your fingers crossed.

I’m also currently looking for employment. I had to resign my previous job at the health food store mainly because I was unable to work with certain people. It’s a shame. But, a life lesson. Just because something is perceived to be “green”, doesn’t mean that it is. We all move through life thinking something is the right thing and it turns out that it could not be more wrong. Enough said.


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