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Birthdays…Sometimes a good time to reflect. At 38…nostalgia ain’t such a bad thing. Right? Well, maybe. Who knows?

Friends wishing you the best. Happy Birthday etc….How fucking lucky can one be that others would take time to say, “I’m thinking of you?”

I tend to brag a lot about how I have the best friends ever. The one’s I talk with daily. The ones I once talked with daily. The ones I talk with twice a year. The one’s who are dead and I still talk with daily. How can I even express how fortunate I am for the people in my life? The people I have had the pleasure to meet, love, hug, fight with, laugh with, dance with, pray with, protest with, be stupid with, etc……

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of yours. I’m grateful. I’m humbled. I’m thankful.

Enjoy the video:

Sleep and then

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listening to music. Dancing inside. But, not actually getting up and moving. Only in the head. But, then ya know,  kind of like what? Some wine then some more. Sleep….sleep….sleep……………

For me, HOT nights and this song go well

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It’s already June. It’s also very hot today. I’m sweatin.’

Havin’ some sauerkraut perogies. Delicious.