It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Absolutely beautiful. You really can’t ask for better weather. It’s sunny, nice breeze blowing, not too much humidity. Everything just seems quite friendly.

I was just sitting on the front porch, after a nice walk drinking one of these

and smoking one of these

and was thinking about a few mindless things.

1. I’m really happy Vincent’s didn’t close as it was supposed to this past week. I love that fucking place. I’m not really much into going to bars at all. But, this one I like. For the conversation, on tap Guinness, excellent music and awesome people. When or if the doors do shut it will suck. For now and next week, it’s all good.

2. A Thai restaurant is opening about a block away from me. I’m a whore for Thai food. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the orgasmic cuisine, I’m way stoked it’s opening date is approaching. The menu looks balls out good too.

3. I found this awesome website It’s a website about West Chester run by “West Chester Jim”. Definitely going in the “shit I check weekly” folder.

4. Company coming tomorrow. Aunt Barb and Uncle Geez. I’m looking forward to seeing them. However, I get all “gotta clean the house” spaz.

So, I’ll go back out on the porch. Smoke a ciggy (yeah I know it’s bad. Fuck off!) and think about the cleaning I should be doing which won’t get done.


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