It’s all damp out.

It’s almost Thursday and so far what a week. I’m beat and ready for bed at 11:20 on a Wednesday. I’m tired of East Coast weather. I forgot how much I dislike how winter continues to drag on.

November came around and I was wanting snow. Big time f’n snow. It came, not “big time,” but was enough and I loved it. Christmas time rolls around, “let’s have more snow. Ya gotta have snow at Christmas right?” No snow.

Mid February I’m over it. Enough cold, wet, nasty snow-sleet-rain crap.

Come August I’ll be bitching about how it’s too hot and looking forward to the first big snow fall hopefully over Christmas 2009.

I guess that’s just how it works.


2 Responses to “It’s all damp out.”

  1. Yeah, I wish I had been gone long enough to forget the winter. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. I dreaded the wet nasty cold since I arrived in August.

    It’s natural to bitch about the extremes in weather. It’s just human nature. We aren’t happy with any extremes. I’ll probably be right there with you in August bitching about the humidity 🙂

  2. johnherberger Says:

    Look around
    Leaves are brown
    And the sky
    Is a hazy shade of winter

    Hang on to your hopes my friend
    Thats an easy thing to say
    But if your hopes should pass away
    Simply pretend
    That you can build them again

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