At some point we all move into space. A space that brings like minded or not so like minded together. But, brings it all around to a destination of thinking. Not always agreeing, yet common. For some reason voice is heard. Voice in speaking, singing, loving. Then we dance. Dance different and still very much alike. Pain and sorrow in the now and not so much in the absolute. Life! the gift. The treasure that we trade for something else. Only sometimes. The fractal on the wall. The colors. The constant movement between all life and all breath and all love. Sharing, laughing, loving.

Forward then Behind. Again forward.

Break down…Again…Begin.

Break down. Again! Begin and dance.

The Vibration will take the hand and drift away.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Who wrote this?

  2. johnherberger Says:

    This is OUT-STAND-ING!

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