Gold Jerry! Gold!

I so love weddings!

Bride Sues Guest Over Wedding Sex Claim.

April 22) – A New York woman has filed a lawsuit against a wedding guest who allegedly announced during the ceremony she had been having an affair with the groom, the New York Post reports.

Sandrina and Harold Purdum, both 31, wed last September in South Ozone Park, a neighborhood in Queens. In a civil suit filed in Queens Supreme Court, Sandrina Purdum claims that guest Jennifer Angevine — who was Harold’s boss at the time — ruined her special day with an outburst in which she allegedly tossed a drink on another guest and poked the bride in the chest while making the stunning claim.

“Me and Harry were good together. You had to ruin everything by marrying him. You f- – -ed everything up,” Sandrina Purdum quotes Angevine, also 31, as saying in the suit. Harold Purdum, who denies having an affair with Angevine, quit his job following the wedding and has not found employment since, the paper reported.

The suit, which accuses Angevine of slander and inflicting emotional distress and battery, goes on to allege that Angevine caused such a stir that 70 guests were ordered to leave the catering hall.

The couple spent their wedding night apart but have been trying to work things out.

“This girl really ruined my life,” Sandrina Purdum told the Post. “Nobody should go through what I went through. Every time I talk about it, I get chills.”


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  1. Reason 5,371,890 why marriage and monogamy is a bad idea….

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