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Peace on Earth

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Thanks to my good friend Buddy for bringing this video to my attention.

Get pregnant and go to jail…..

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How dare U.S. hero’s have sexual urges in the desert.

Tue Dec 22, 3:27 pm ET

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The U.S. military commander in northern Iraq defended on Tuesday a new policy imposing strict penalties, including possible jail time, for troops who become pregnant or get other soldiers pregnant.

“In this 22,000-soldier task force, I need every soldier I’ve got, especially since we are facing a drawdown of forces during our mission,” Major General Tony Cucolo, who commands U.S. soldiers in northern Iraq, said in a statement.

Cucolo’s new directive, issued last month when he took command, lays out a long list of activities that could lead to court martial or criminal charges, from gambling to stealing historical artifacts, and applies only to his command.

The clause about pregnancy has garnered the most attention, affecting seven soldiers under Cucolo’s command, according to military spokesman Major Jeff Allen. The command includes 1,682 female soldiers, Allen said.

There are some 115,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, a number set to drop to about 50,000 by the end of August next year as the U.S. military ends combat operations. Under a deal with Iraq, a full withdrawal of U.S. troops is due by the end of 2011.

U.S. Central Command rules do not prohibit “sexual contact between consenting, single service members.”

“I wanted to encourage my soldiers to think before they acted, and understand their behavior and actions have consequences — all of their behavior.

“I consider the male soldier as responsible for taking a soldier out of the fight just as responsible as the female soldier who must redeploy,” Cucolo said.

Allen said Cucolo “takes each case on its own merits, considering each set of circumstances before deciding on punishment.”

He said such punishment could, in the most serious case, include jail time. But soldiers violating the rule so far have received letters of reprimand.

In a statement to ABC News, Cucolo said he would not resort to using the court martial for such cases.

“I see absolutely no circumstance where I would punish a female soldier by court martial for a violation … I fully intend to handle these cases through lesser disciplinary action,” he wrote, according to the ABC report.

“White Wine in the Sun

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A friend of mine sent this to me via Facebook. I have never heard of Tim Minchin before, and enjoyed this quite a bit.

Green Party…..Really?

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Got this email today. I’m disappointed.

Green Giving Ideas

The holiday season is here.  Many Greens are looking for ways to celebrate the holidays while still living simply. We’ve got some great ideas for alternative holiday giving that can help the Green Party AND give you a good feeling during the holidays.

Request Donations to the Green Party
Ask your friends and relatives to donate to the Green Party instead of purchasing a gift for you.  You can even send them this email and they can use the donate button below.   We’ll put donations to good use by holding campaign schools, helping with ballot access drives, and spreading the Green message.

Donate in Honor of Your Favorite Candidate (or in honor of anyone else)
What better way to honor someone during the holiday season.  We’ll send your honoree a note about your gift.

Buy Green Merchandise
Bumper stickers, buttons, folding totebags and jar openers make great stocking stuffers. T-shirts in small sizes make great gifts for kids!  100% cotton, union-made long-sleeve t-shirts are back in all sizes! Hooded sweatshirts and Sunflower t-shirt are still 20-25% off!   You can buy merchandise here.

Donate in Memory of a Loved One
This time of the year brings back memories of loved ones.   This is a great way to remember your loved one AND give the gift that helps us grow the Green Party.

Give Green Party Merchandise Gift Certificates
Don’t know what to get your favorite Green?  A gift certificate is the perfect way to let them choose. You can get a gift certificate here.

While we’re not fans of big-box stores or chains, chances are you’ll get gift cards this year.  Put your gift cards to good use by donating them to GPUS.   We will gladly “recycle” any gift cards you can send to us, especially for office or general supply stores.  We’ll even take partially-used cards.

Buy an Extra Book of Stamps
When you go to the post office to buy your stamps or mail a package, buy an extra book of stamps for the national office.  Or just send us your leftover stamps.

Donate Frequent Flier Miles
We have Greens willing to go to states to help with ballot access drives (like Arizona right now) who need to fly.  Your miles can also be used for travel to campaign schools or other meetings.

Please mail your gift cards, stamps, and donations to:
Holiday Gift Program
Green Party of the United States
PO Box 57065
Washington, DC  20037

For further information contact: Tamar Yager, GPUS Fundraising Manger
1-866-41GREEN (toll-free) or

Donate to GP Fund

At the 2009 Annual Natioinal Meeting we set a goal of 500 sustainers. We hope you will help us reach that goal. Remember – a monthly gift is the gift that gives all year long!  But, if you are unable to give a monthly gift please donate what you can today to strengthen our voice so that we can make our vision a reality.  With your help we can provide support for candidates, spread the Green message and work for a more just and sustainable world.  If you have given recently, please consider giving more.  And, if you haven’t given in some time, please consider making today the day you give.

The Green Party takes no money from private health insurance providers or pharmaceutical lobbyists. In fact, we don’t take any corporate money because we think corporate money in politics is wrong. If you agree, please help us today. Your donation to the Green Party will help make sure we have a strong Green party today and into the future.



Office: PO Box 57065 Washington, D.C. 20037 202-319-7191 or toll-free (US): 866-41GREEN

We are not the alternative – we are the imperative. Rosa Clemente

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