Dorothy is the first to succumb to the narcotic fumes of the poppies. She falls asleep in the rolling, sleep-inducing poppy field – a victim of the Witch’s spell. Tired and overcome, she puts her hand to her forehead: “I can’t run anymore. I’m so sleepy…I have to rest for just a minute.” Toto is already laying down and asleep in the field. The Tin Man’s heart causes him to cry. The Lion yawns and weakly collapses next: “Comin’ to think of it, forty winks wouldn’t be bad.” The Scarecrow’s brain deduces: “This is a spell, this is.” The Tin Man adds: “It’s the Wicked Witch.” Unaffected by the fatal potion, the Scarecrow and Tin Man both yell for help. A giant, superimposed image of Glinda appears to answer their cries – she waves her wand and causes a light snow flurry to fall from a sunny sky. The snow covers them like a cold white blanket, as the Scarecrow cries: “Maybe that will help.” The chill revives and awakens them from their fatigue. The Lion wakes up in the surprising snowfall: “Unusual weather we’re having, ain’t it?” After unrusting the Tin Man, they are able to fulfill their journey.

Watching how they have circumvented her powers again, the Wicked Witch curses by the side of her crystal ball.


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