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Check out this craziness that good people have to deal with. Scroll down to the post titled “What does walking for peace & child neglect have in common?” An unbelievable story. I know Momma. She’s a fantastic parent.

Noodii Thai just opened in West Chester. It’s gotten raves from the couple folks I have talked to who have been there.

Got planes tickets for San Francisco. I’m looking forward to heading back. It’s been a little over 3 years since I’ve lived there or returned. I frequently miss it. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Exciting.

Spent a good amount of time on “The Veranda” (my front porch) this afternoon with my old friend. Had some PBR’s and some fine conversation. It was a beautiful day temperature wise. A beautiful day otherwise.

Tomorrow well, today technically is the Turks Head Festival. I’ll stop by for a bit. I’m looking forward to picking up some Swarm Bustin’ Honey.  Fantastic stuff. Nature’s jizz.

I’m listening to this CD right now. It’s amazing.